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Drone Operations in a Steel Processing Plant and the Impact of EMIs on Drones

Elios is having a significant impact on the way Chris and his team are performing visual inspections at AM/NS Calvert, one of the most advanced steel finishing facilities in the world. The secret of his recipe? Collision-tolerance, and resistance to EMIs.

Commercial drones are making their way through steel manufacturing plants. Chris Mathew, IT Operations Manager at AM/NS Calvert explains how they’re using Elios to perform visual inspection of their assets during role change without disturbing production at all. You will discover how Electro Magnetic Interferences led Chris to look for alternative solutions to outdoor drones and to adopt  to perform indoor inspections.

Marc and Chris also discuss different aspects of drone operations at AM/NS Calvert such as:
  • Inspection schedule to reduce downtime to zero
  • Training and team organisation
  • EMI impact on different drones
  • Adaptation of SOPs to use drones instead of humans
  • How data collection has improved
  • The type of assets inspected with Elios at AM/NS Calvert.

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