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Drones in Oil & Gas: How Chevron Uses Drones to Improve Safety, Reduce Downtimes, and Save Money

Want to learn how drones are being used in Oil & Gas? Watch this webinar recording for insights from drone program leaders at Chevron, one of the biggest companies in the Oil & Gas industry in the world. We cover industry-specific drone applications for Oil & Gas, as well as ways that drones help improve safety, reduce downtimes, and save money.    

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Larry Barnard

Downstream & Chemicals, Manufacturing ~ Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Governance at Chevron
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Mauricio Calva

Non-Destructive Examination Expert at Chevron
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Marc Gandillon

Head of Marketing at Flyability

Free webinar recording: Drones in Oil & Gas—How Chevron Uses Drones to Improve Safety, Reduce Downtimes, and Save Money

Duration: 1 hour


Want to learn more about how drones are being used in Oil & Gas? In this webinar recording, we’ll hear from two leaders at Chevron working on the cutting edge of drone use in Oil & Gas. Our speakers cover typical drone use cases, drawing from first-hand experience using drones in the field. They also cover the benefits of using drones in inspection scenarios, including improved safety and ROI. The webinar features 25 minutes of use case presentations and 30 minutes of a panel discussion and Q&A, where questions are answered by experts from Chevron. 

Learn more about our invited speakers

Larry Barnard—Chevron

Larry Barnard has helped develop the drone program at Chevron, where he has spent over 30 years in downstream refining process plant operations, maintenance, and reliability. Larry’s work has taken him all over the world to support Chevron’s operations, including places like  Australia, Singapore, South Africa, and Wales. He is a specialist in workflows and technical standards, and he has deep experience with building and implementing new programs. Recently he has been supporting efforts to create and implement Chevron’s use of drones in inspection applications.

Mauricio Calva—Chevron

Mauricio is a Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Expert at Chevron, where he works to test and implement new inspection technology to help improve processes and safety for employees. A typical day might find him reviewing inspection procedures, in a lab inspecting equipment, or climbing a ladder to test new inspection techniques in real-life scenarios. Watch this video to learn more about the work Mauricio does at Chevron:
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