No Bloodless Myth
  • Publisher : CUA Press
  • Release : 15 May 2021
  • ISBN : 0813209811
  • Page : 268 pages
  • Rating : /5 from voters

Download or read online book entitled No Bloodless Myth, was written by Aidan Nichols and published by CUA Press in pdf, epub and kindle format. This book was released on 15 May 2021 with total pages 268. Following his acclaimed The Word Has Been Abroad: A Guide Through Balthasar's Aesthetics, No Bloodless Myth by Aidan Nichols summarizes and illuminates the five-volume series Theo-Drama, which develops the heart of Balthasar's theological theory--his exploration of the Good and of the dramatic interplay of finite and infinite freedom. Theo-Drama builds upon the earlier achievement of The Glory of the Lord and transcends it, opening up new horizons for theological and cultural reflection in the twenty-first century. Aidan Nichols's succinct commentary enables the reader to grasp the main themes of one of the most important theological works in several generations. "A magesterial guide through Balthasar's theological dramatics. . . . [This book] confirms Aidan Nichols as an authoritative guide to the writings of Hans Urs von Balthasar."--Heythrop Journal "Father Nichols is writing what will surely be the definitive commentary on Balthasar's great theological trilogy. In this second volume he unfolds the complex argument of the Theo-Drama with clarity and good humor. Let no one now complain that they do not know how to find their way through the works of Balthasar. Father Nichols is at hand as a trustworthy guide."--John Saward, author of The Way of the Lamb Aidan Nichols, OP, is prior of the Dominican community at Blackfriars, Cambridge. "[This study] will most certainly contribute in great measure to our in-depth understanding of the innovative vision proposed by the major and increasingly influential Swiss theologian. Readers and scholars are beginning to understand why Urs von Balthasar is so well beloved by so many, not least the current Pope. . . . The unbelievably broad erudition and reading culture of Balthasar is amply unfolded before us, in a way that manages to be both majestic and playful. . . . We should be more than grateful for this elegant and substantial guide."--Review of Metaphysics "Some knowledge of Balthasar's great trilogy is now required of any self-respecting Christian theologian. So we are much indebted to Aidan Nichols for the three books that summarize, respectively, its three multivolume parts, on aesthetics (Beauty), theodramatics (Goodness), and theologic (Truth). . . . [A] rich summary that illuminates the work beautifully, with occasional critical comments, humorous asides, and references to the tradition. Nichols follows Balthasar's order without any particular emphases of his own. The result is often exciting, even when the summary must become dense. Besides its evident usefulness for those who have not yet read Theo-Drama, it enables those who have to get a clearer view of Balthasar's project as a whole."--The Journal of Religion "Nichols excels at combining a straightforward, sequential summary of each volume of the Dramatics with a deft interpretation of what constitutes Balthasar's "canon within canon. . . . One of the more important studies in English of Balthasar's theology." Larry Chapp, Theological Studies


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